Work Details


To correlate monthly data of production with electricity, diesel, LPG and water consumption, for a period of 12 – 18 months of normal operation for overall complex and individual sections.


 Review of Electricity Bills, Contract Demand & Power Factor

  1. Review of last one year electricity bill to study monthly power factor, maximum demand, working hours, load factor, etc. for the reference period along with monthly electricity consumption and establish scope for MD control through possible optimization of load factor and through detailed load management study.
  2. To recommend a specific rationalization / optimization program based on measurement of DB power factors, existing capacitor system and its maintenance, automatic / manual controls required etc.

 Electrical System Network

  1. To study monthly transformer loading with existing & future connected load so as to recommend a specific rationalization / optimization plan for transformer capacity.
  2. Harmonic distortion analysis on transformer input/output will be done.
  3. To study electrical energy metering, monitoring and control system existing at the plant and to recommend a suitable system for future monitoring.


  1. To undertake a detailed motor load study on all motors equal to and above 5 KW size with the help of a clamp on multi-meter to identify instantaneous motor parameters like kW, KVA, P.F., A,
    V, frequency etc. and establish their variations over a load cycle (for variable load drives, if any).
  2. This study will help establish / recommend motor specific rationalization plan including star conversion, downsizing, use of motor energy savers and high efficiency drives etc.
  3. Based on the above to evaluate the possibility of replacing major motors with energy efficient motors.
  4.  To provide cost benefit analysis for the replacement policy.
  5. To study compressed air system in the plant, in terms of compressor type, make, capacity, loading, motor type / size / loading etc. and to undertake output efficiency test for the operating compressors. This will identify opportunities for compressed air generation optimisation and energy savings.
  6. To undertake compressed air leakages tests & recommend the locations of air leakage.

 Illumination System

  1. Study of the Illumination system.
  2. Lux level in various areas, area lighting etc.
  3. To recommend a specific plan for rationalization of lighting load through possible use of north light and switching off use of energy efficient lighting equipment like tri-phosphor fluorescent tube light etc.


  1. Pump performance calculation from flow, pressure and power consumption, Based on the above to evaluate the possibility of replacing old pumps with energy efficient.
  2. To provide cost benefit analysis for the replacement policy.

Air Conditioning Plant

  1. Analysis of various parameters like Tonnage delivered.
  2. Measurement of Specific Energy Consumption i.e KW / TR of refrigeration.
  3. Suggestion of Various Energy Efficient Measures to improve its performance.

 Package Air Conditioners

  1. Study Packaging Air Conditioners.
  2. Draw inference to the energy consumption & performance.

 Window / Split Air Conditioners

  1. Random survey of 10 % Total Nos of ACs to understand the profile of installed equipment & recommendations thereof.

 DG Sets

  1. Study the operation of DG set to evaluate the power cost of Power Generation.
  2. Specific Energy Generation.


  1. To undertake Boiler/Furnace Efficiency tests as per BS 845 standards so as to identify direct / indirect combustion efficiencies, flue gas temperatures, etc.
  2. This exercise will help identify ways and means to optimize boiler operations.
  3. Thermography of furnace will be done by RECON.