1. DSM Planning :

Recon Energy  Consultancy extensive experience enables it to carry out load research to design, develop, implement, and evaluate DSM programs. Recon Energy  Consultancy can also assist utilities in establishing institutional mechanisms such as DSM cells and in seeking regulatory approvals to ensure sustainable implementation of DSM programs


2. Voluntary Energy Audit : 

Fuel and electricity are major expenses in any business today. Ever increasing fuel prices and stricter regulations pertaining to commercial energy consumption has made it imperative for modern business to ensure optimum utilization of energy resources and convert to cheaper and more sustainable energy resources. Efficient energy consumption is crucial for the economic success of all companies.

 We help our customers in improving the energy efficiency of their facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks and carry out both Walk Through and detailed Energy Audits.

3. Water Audit : 

With our Water Conservation Audit we help our clients to reduce their water consumption and in turn decrease their water bill. During the Water Auditing of any facility the probable conservation points are identified and at the same time qualitative analysis is done to find possibilities for recycling waste water. The availability of water has decreased in recent times along with increases in the cost of water and so it is only logical that methods be found to reduce costs and increase conservation.

4. Waste Heat Recovery Studies:  

 Recon Energy Consultancy provides Waste Heat Recovery Studies for all types for industries and all provides implantation assistances for the same.

4. Mandatory Energy Audit :

 Recon Energy Consultancy provide Mandatory Energy Audit services for Designated Consumer under PAT scheme ( Energy Conservation Act. ).



1. Fire Safety Audit :

The occurrence of any fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life and property. A Fire Safety Audit is the most effective tool for assessing the fire safety standards of your facility. It helps the owner to identify areas where improvement can be made and develop an action plan, in addition to emergency preparedness and mock drills by Recon Energy Consultancy. 

 2. Electrical Safety Audit : 

Recon Energy Consultancy carries out Electrical Safety Audit according to systematic procedures in order to evaluate potential electrical hazards, and recommends measures to minimize/prevent these hazards (i.e. electrical shocks, electrical arcs, and electrical blasts). Our Electrical Safety Audit is a loss prevention program – property/production loss (e.g. electrical fire hazards) and loss of life/injuries to personnel.

3. Thermography : 

At Recon Energy Consultancy we conduct infrared thermal imaging of machinery and electrical panels, helping us to detect faults before they become major issues. Our thermal imaging equipment produces accurate real time high resolution images; enabling engineers to detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. This gives you the opportunity to undertake remedial works prior to costly system failures or production stoppages occurring. Using infrared thermography is effective across all sectors in helping to reduce maintenance costs and even identify possible improvements.

4. Power Quality Audit :

At Recon Energy Consultancy our experienced team survey and analyze your electrical installations, for the purpose of establishing the quality of the electrical supply. Using the latest power quality analysis equipment we are able to identify potential issues with the quality of your power and reduce business losses.



1. Energy Modeling :

The Team of professionals at RECON are expert in performing energy modeling in various Simulation software including eQuest, IES, Energy plus, Visual DOE etc. We provide guidance on energy related issues in commercial as well as residential buildings. All the energy modeling services are provided as per the methodology specified by Certifying bodies & authorities.

2. MEP Design Consultancy : 

MEP designing comes up with  efficient & significant combination of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing techniques. Our team is well equipped with design software AutoCAD, which help in creating improvised performance of building system.

3. ECBC Compliance: 

Energy code for commercial buildings in India is based on ASHARA. Building design should optimize for performance according to the energy conservation building code (ECBC). Approximately 40% of energy saving can be achieved via following ECBC, studies proved. We aspire to achieve energy simulation & building performance modeling techniques to demonstrate compliance.

4. Indoor Air Quality Consultancy :  

 Health is an important aspect of any organizations’ personnel & productivity at work place. Our Air Quality Testing services can help you to determine poor indoor air quality. We provide services like HVAC systems & building configuration inspection, building material inspection, etc.

5. Lighting Design Consultancy :

 We perform detailed room-by-room or space-by-space daylight and artificial lighting simulations. The AutoCAD floor plans of the building are inserted into the daylight/ light model and room geometry is replicated. Envelope features like windows, doors, louvers, skylights etc. are modeled as is along with exterior features like overhangs, sun shades, fins, etc.



1. Carbon Foot Printing Studies :

RECON provides consultancy services for Carbon foot printing studies. A carbon footprint is historically defined as “the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or individual.” The total carbon footprint cannot be calculated because of the large amount of data required and the fact that carbon dioxide can be produced by natural occurrences.

2. Mitigation & Neutralization Assistance : 

For provide consultancy for Mitigation & Neutralization for Green house gas emission

3. CDM Consultancy: 

We provide consultancy services for CDM project registration through Preparation of Project Concept Note , Project Information Note and Project Design Document (POD) , Assistance in getting Host Country Approval (HCA) from the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Assistance in appointing validator, verifier and completion of validation & registration process, Assistance in identification of carbon credit buyer & signing of Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA), Assistance in preparation of monitoring report & carbon credit issuance and realizing carbon credit fund from the buyer, etc.

4. RPO Audit :

As per RPO obligation in Rajasthan, industries need to submit audited report of energy consumption, energy import & energy export data to their respective GOVERNMENT (Energy Department). This is applicable to CPP and Open access consumers. So we are here to provide Audit Report for the same depending upon data provide by industry.